Why I fight,

         We all have had to fight for what we want, what we need, and what we believe in. What do you fight for? Sometimes I feel like fighting is all I know. My father fought in the Vietnam war and we came to America in 1995 as Vietnamese refugees. Our fight didn’t end there. I remember our whole family packing into a van every night and delivering newspapers until 1am then having to go to school at 7am everyday. I was in elementary school watching my sister Twee tutor calculus in college while struggling to learn English. Meanwhile my other sisters Vee and Trinh were working two jobs in High school. You see I was taught at a young age that you had to work hard for everything and you are entitled to nothing. It was incredible to watch my sisters work and still, that’s all I felt like I was doing; watching. Like a stranger looking in. I didn’t feel like I fit in. At the young age of 14, I left home. After a year of floating, I found myself in Texas. I spent what should’ve been my high school years racing through life lessons. I learned to drive, make money, and love on my own. I was in an abusive relationship that landed me in the ER at least once a month. Those were the darkest years of my life. I thank God for getting me out alive. In 2012 I was homeless and knew that I needed to find something to feel like a person again. That’s when I found MMA. MMA made me feel like someone that was a part of something.  I lived at 4oz fightclub and cleaned the gym, sold memberships in exchange for a place to stay and train. Just a few months after I had my first Muay Thai bout. I was told that I only got this fight because of my looks. It didn’t phase me. I knew it was a chance to prove that I am much more than my looks. I fought a girl who was far more experienced and technical than I but I dominated with my grit and heart. I fought every month after that, transitioning to MMA in 2015. With a MuayThai record of 10-2, MMA record of 5-1, and a national belt in each; I decided to turn pro in 2017. Now considered a top prospect in the atomweight division I will continue to work hard to get to the big stage. People often ask, “why do you fight Bee?”. My answer is simple. I want to fight my way to the top so I can have the platform to start my foundation, tell my story, and help others. I am fighting for every troubled young adult out there that feel lost. Those who lack guidance and feel alone. I was once there and I want to let you know that I am here for you. You are not alone.